Celebrity: What is Celebrity?

What is Celebrity

What makes a celebrity a true star? It is the news coverage. Is it the pursuit of tabloids Maybe it is the popularity that makes movie stars, musicians and politicians celebrities. Are the other stars also celebrities if that’s the case?

A celebrity index is a good way to solve this problem. CelebrityContest.net developed an algorithm that assigns a celebrity a value, similar to how stocks are assigned a financial value. This allows site visitors and members to build a celebrity portfolio. The algorithm considers the timing and popularity of celebrity news articles as well as their popularity as part of online portfolios. However, does it accurately measure celebrity status?


This is why we must first define celebrity. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, celebrity is defined as “a well-known person” or “renown, fame.” This definition is quite broad. Being renown simply means to be well-known. Osama bin Laden is well-known but not as popular as Jessica Alba. They are celebrities by this definition.

To be considered a celebrity one must either be famous or infamous. The distinction is irrelevant. People who are famous for their unconventional methods, such as reality TV or the internet, are celebrities. However, some people have greater global exposure than others. To measure the celebrity status of an individual, one simply needs to measure their popularity.

Measurement of Popularity

Prior to the information age, popularity was measured by countless magazine and newspaper searches. Both television and radio broadcast celebrity gossip and news. This all changed with the advent of the internet. The internet has opened up countless opportunities for those who want to be stars, and has also created a variety of news and gossip outlets.

Online presence is a common feature for most of the traditional media outlets, including magazines, newspapers, radio and television. These websites often contain more information about celebrities than the original media. People interested in entertainment news have almost unlimited options to find the information they need.

Search engines are the fastest way to locate information online. Major search engines index every web page and all online news items as they develop and give users the chance to narrow down their search results. If you search for celebrities, there will be thousands, if certainly millions of results. It is possible to determine the celebrity’s popularity by counting the searches and articles.

Celebrity Contest

CelebrityContest.net seems to have the right algorithm. Celebrities are assigned a value based on how many news articles and searches they have. This is the best way to determine their popularity. Of course, the algorithm also includes results from CelebrityContest.net, which are a valid indicator as well.

Celebrities who are popular will often be included in portfolios. He will be removed from portfolios if he becomes blase. A celebrity can use CelebrityContest.net to track the price of her stardom and get a sense of how she feels. Fans can also search for celebrity value and cash in on details that only dedicated fans have access to.