Celebrity Power

Celebrity Power

Celebrity culture is all around us. Celebrities and their scandalous lives dominate media coverage. Celebrities are already among the most well-paid people in the world. So why would you send your product or services to them for free? It’s really quite simple. You can get your product or service featured by a celebrity, creating the impression of endorsement.

You might be wondering how big?

Even celebrities can eat, drink and shop like regular consumers. However, they have greater purchasing power and are able to influence others’ buying decisions by choosing what they buy. Brands have a golden opportunity to capitalize on this aspirational effect where people try to imitate their favourite celebrities.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are photographed at the St. Regis Bora Bora with Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, and the resort remains booked for months. Gwyneth Paltrow sported her favorite pair Blue Cult jeans, which she sells in every shop from NYC to LA. Jennifer Aniston cut her hair while she was starring on the TV sitcom “Friends.” Thousands of women rush to their hairdressers with tearsheets and magazines asking for “The Rachel” haircuts.

Some of the most powerful brands have the largest budgets and understand celebrity. Cindy Crawford and Penelope Cruz sell Revlon lipsticks, Ellen Degeneres offers membership to American Express, Kate Walsh is a dealer in Cadillacs, and Tiger Woods was a seller of many brands before the public learned about his scandalous affairs.

Celebrities can help you build credibility and aspiration. People want to live like celebrities and so they look at publications like People and USWeekly for countless details about their celebrity friends, including what they wear, what they are buying, and where they travel. It is easy to imitate the celebrity lifestyle and even patronize the same brands celebrities use.

It seems that everyone believes that if Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt use this product, it must be good. It is priceless to have the “right” celebrity associated with your brand.


These are the top credibility boosters for having a celebrity associated your brand and how they can take your business to new heights:


  • Your brand can be instantly recognizable by A-list stars wearing your product or using it. This will help to increase sales.
  • Celebrities associated with your brand are a sign of respect and almost always guarantee media coverage
  • Celebrity clients are more likely to be noticed by buyers and retailers.
  • Celebrities are able to validate trends and the products and services that they use from a design and style perspective.
  • Celebrities are the most attention-grabbing headlines in our celebrity-obsessed culture.

Celebrities sell. The world follows a celebrity who wears, promotes, or uses it. Celebrities’ aspirations are what create more excitement and desire. Fan can recreate some of the glamour and inspiration that Halle Berry has experienced by wearing the exact same dress, eating at the same restaurant, or using the same lipstick color as her.


A celebrity endorsement can help your product or service gain instant credibility and recognition in today’s competitive market. It is a great way to get name recognition, publicity, and increase sales.