Celebrity Makeup Tips and Products: Get the Best Look Ever!

Celebrity Makeup Tips and Products

Why is celebrity makeup so flawless?

Celebrities have many tips and tricks for applying makeup that you may not have heard of. Do you want to be among the few who are aware of these techniques? Here are some of our favorite! These are some of the best makeup tips to achieve flattering eyes, eyebrows, concealer and foundation.

Celebrity Eyes

To make celebrities’ eyes sparkle, makeup artists have many tricks! To ensure that the eyeshadow has something to stick to, they first apply a primer or foundation to the eyelids. They will choose three colors for eye shadows. They will choose three shades of the same color (e.g., light, medium, and dark) or from the same family of neutral colors (e.g. Beige, brown, or dark brown. They will place the lightest color on your brow bone, medium on the lid and darkest in the crease. This will highlight the shape of your eyes and make them standout!

You can also make your eyes pop by lining the inner rims of your eyes with a white pencil. Celebrity makeup artists add shimmer powder to the brow bone to draw attention to the eyes. They also use a Q-tip for smudging eyeliner to make it appear less serious or smokier.

Celebrity makeup artists use black or dark brown eyeliner to create cat-eyes, like Brigitte Bardot did in the sixties and Pamela Anderson today. This is done by exaggerating the eye’s end so that it looks slightly higher. This look is best achieved by smudging.

Celebrity eyelashes:

Many secrets are also shared by celebrity makeup artists for eyelashes. To maximize length and curl, they always curl their eyelashes first. The mascara is then applied to the eyelashes and they are then powdered. This makes them look thicker! Celebrity makeup artists often apply two coats of mascara. The first coat will be a lengthening, or separating, formula. The second will be thickening, formula. This maximizes eyelash potential. Mascara clumps can be combed between coats.

Celebrities may choose to use false eyelashes for special occasions (their secret is dark glue), or have semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Celebrity Eyebrows

Celebrity makeup artists know that shaping the eyebrows can make a big difference in a celebrity’s appearance. Treezerman brand tweezers are used most often by celebrity makeup artists to shape eyebrows. To enhance the eyebrow arch and remove any stray hairs, they tweeze them. The feathery strokes of an eyebrow pen in either “blonde” or “taupe”, for blondes, or “auburn” (for redheads), are used to fill in the eyebrows. Black-haired women should only use a “dark” eyebrow pencil. A black eyebrow pencil looks too serious. Brow sealant is the secret weapon of celebrity makeup artists. It keeps your brows in place all day.

Celebrities Concealer

Amazing Cosmetics’ Amazing Concealer is loved by many celebrities. Concealer is often applied using an eyeshadow brush. Concealer is applied in thin layers that are “built up” until it covers the blemish. Concealer is usually applied before foundation. Makeup artists will often apply concealer before foundation to cover reddish blemishes.

Celebrity Foundation

Celebrities love Laura Mercier Foundation. Celebrity makeup artists apply foundation with a sponge to achieve natural-looking coverage. A foundation primer is used by celebrity makeup artists. It is applied between your moisturizer, foundation, and the sponge. This primer helps foundation last all day and refines skin. Revlon’s Color Stay Foundation With Soft-flex is a great alternative if you don’t want to spend a lot on celebrity products. It stays put all day and comes with dozens of colors.

Celebrity powder:

Most celebrities use loose powder in translucent or skin-matching shades. The celebrity makeup artists will either apply the powder with a puff, then dust it off with a large brush or use a big brush to apply the powder. Make sure to remove any excess. For touch-ups, the celebrity may carry a small amount of pressed powder or blotting paper in her evening bag. For their clients with dry skin, celebrities may skip powder altogether. Powder is great for holding foundation in place for a long time.

Celebrity Blush

Celebrity makeup artists love Stila and Nars blushes. These blushes are powdery but some makeup artists prefer gel blushes due to the healthy, dewy glow they give. Blush should be applied using a large, fluffy brush. You can apply it in circular motions to the apples of your cheeks or sweep from the apples to your hairline. Celebrity fans claim that glowing blushes such as Nars blush in Torrid make the cheeks look radiant.

Celebrity Lips

MAC Lipliner Spice in Spice is the most natural-looking shade of lipstick. It is a favorite among celebrity makeup artists. Lip-plumping products such as LipFusion and City Lips are popular choices among celebrities. They have won both Good Housekeeping awards. To make your lips look fuller, apply lip gloss at least halfway to the bottom of the lower lip.