Celebrities: The Truth


Celebrities possess a captivating personality charisma. Followers, journalists, paparazzi, and critics all want to know everything about the celebrity life. Where they go, what they do, and why. The quest never ends. Television programs and newspapers try to find the most recent celebrity gossip, celebrity photos and hot celebrity news.

People are fascinated by the fame and glamour of celebrity life. They think this is a life of comfort and ease with all the fame, name, and amenities. The heroes are viewed by fans as if they were stars or denizens of another world.

This is just one side of celebrity life. Celebrities do not reach the heights of fame overnight. Celebrities are made through years of hard work, perseverance, and diligence. They have made so many sacrifices and had to make adjustments. Many celebrities have come through tough times, but they did it because they had nothing. They may have had to overcome obstacles to get to where they want to be. These famous people have had to endure many hardships before they can enjoy the rewards of their success.

This may be seen as a hard fact, or it may even be considered a necessity for celeb life. There are often at least two faces for celebrities. One is public and one is private. Take a look at these exclusive celebrity photos to see how I mean.

A photo of Angelina Jolie with some friends, and another one showing her in Kashmir (India), or a photograph of Charlize Theron sitting in Johannesburg contemplatively and another one showing her in Malibu as she poses for the paparazzi will show the point. Celebrities are also human beings with all emotions and sensations awake. They put on a facade of mannerism in public. Many of these celebrities long for quieter lives.

These celebrities are not allowed to have privacy for a moment. They are not. They are always sought after by the paparazzi and can’t be all they want. They are famous for that. But after a while, these celebrities start to ask themselves the grave question: “Is it worth living?” Imagine Lindsay Lohan’s agony when the media followed her around while she was drinking, and when her loose fitting halter top and forceful breeze caused her to even go topless in front of the world. It was an embarrassing situation for her!

Fashion, for example, has its dark side. A model will need to please everyone if she wants to make it in the fashion industry. This is what we call a struggle. This other side of the black should be visible when we see the news about celebrity sex scandals, mental tortures, and the celebrity world.

Celebrities are also concerned about the huge wealth they have amassed. The problem is how to spend the money. Celebrities can lose their peace of thought. Then comes the news that some celebrities are caught using drugs or engaging in sexual fantasies. Paris Hilton, Britney Spores, and Michael Jackson are all proof.

There is no one who is entirely white or black. All of us are gray. People mistakenly expect their heroes to be flawless in all aspects. Celebrities are not perfect. These flaws and frailties are often overlooked, which is why I am here to expose the truth about celebrities.